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  • Sunday, April 25, 2004

    Islamism v Feminism

    Tim Blair links to an article by Pamela Bone exposing the treatment of women in Islamic societies. It exposes, among other things, the dire straights of Muslim women, who are oppressed in a manner incomprehensible to those raised in the West.

    This example is not the most gruesome, but in many ways the most stunning:

    Lahore: A girl, Kauser, 17, was strangled by her elder brother because she had married of her own will. She returned home and asked her family to forgive her but her brother strangled her with a piece of cloth. - The Daily Times.

    A simple act of self-determination, the corner-stone of the Western Liberal Democratic system, is sufficient to lead a brother to murder his sister, in order to "redeem" the family honor. The stark difference between the Free West and the Totalitarian world that the Islamists desire could never be more apparent than this.

    Pamela Bone also mentions the film Osama, the first to come from Afghanistan since the Taliban was removed from power. Osama is really a girl who is forced to disguise herself as a boy in order to provide for her mother and grandmother. The end of the article relates to it, and is worth repeating. See it and weep; or better still, rage. Anger alone can't solve anything, but it can provide the drive necessary to accomplish what must be done. We should, we must be angry about what the Islamists have done, and continue to do. But our anger must be focused, and not lead into hate; rather it should create in us a determination to see this war ended, the Islamist movement discredited and destroyed, and the world free.

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