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  • Monday, November 08, 2004

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    Why? Sometimes it comes true. In this case, the wish is by the New York Times, and it is for President Bush to be assassinated. Ironically, this would perhaps be the worst thing to happen to happen to the Democrats I can imagine. How ironic it is for Dean Murphy to bring up Lincoln, as Lincoln was the most reviled President in US history while in office. Yet, his assassination in office not long after the end of the Civil War helped make him into a hero, nay, martyr. Were Bush to die at just the right time sometime in the future the same result could happen. The Leftists would cheer of course, but everyone with any sense would denounce them, and the end result would be a metamorphosis of George W. Bush. When forced to actually examine what he has done the Left will implode in not only our nation, but across the world. So in a sense the call for President Bush to be assassinated is a call to commit suicide, because political suicide is exactly what that action would be if a Leftist/Islamist were to kill the man.

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