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  • Wednesday, November 03, 2004

    Round-Up of Reactions on the Left

    Head over to Instapundit where Michael Totten has a good roundup of reactions to Bush's win at Left-of-Center sites. Andrew Sullivan has by far the best attitude, and shows real class. Oliver Willis once against show himself to be the stupid, and not the Kryptonite. And Ezra Klein is self-reflective, but still somewhat close-minded. Interesting to see how it plays out.

    Edit: Oliver has apparently recovered from a short bout of pettiness, and has a good post up discussing how the Democratic Party should turn now that the election is over. This kind of analysis is extremely important, as a strong and viable Democratic Party is essential to a healthy republic. I suspect that the direction the Democratic Party will take will be one of moderate liberalism fiscally, perhaps even moderately fiscally conservative, and libertarian in its social views. That process has only just begun, of course.

    Edit2: Typos fixed, I think...

    Edit 3: Looks like I was wrong about Oliver. Oh well, Winds of Change has some good stuff at least, thanks to AL and Joe.

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