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  • Wednesday, November 17, 2004

    The World Doesn't Stop for You

    I have been very busy as of late, and alas, the world hasn't waited for me. A lot has been happening:

    Fallujah continues to be cleaned up, while violence builds up elsewhere.
    Suspicion? The insurgents are launching attacks in order to demonstrate that the US conquest of Fallujah didn't defeat them. Prediction: continued violence across Iraq, although with every US move into a city or area taken over by insurgents the attack will start to diminish in occurence and lethality. However, before then things are likely to stay nasty. The insurgents might even try to pick up the pace in a last, desperate move.

    Iran has apparently recieved nuke information and material from Pakistan. This would seem to support the notion that Iran is a growing threat that is going to be dealt with relatively soon.

    Reports that Kim Jong-il's picture being taken down have apparently been confirmed by multiple sources. And there are reports that a North Korean freedom movement has been launched. Roger has more. Read the comments for even more info.

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