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  • Wednesday, January 05, 2005

    Those Merry North Koreans

    Once again, the NorKors are raising tensions on the Korean Peninsula. This time, they are warning their people to prepare for war with the US:

    The manual urged the military to build restaurants, wells, restrooms and air purifiers in underground bunkers, which government offices and military units will move into if war breaks out.

    When North Koreans evacuate to underground facilities, they should make sure that they take the portraits, plaster busts and bronze statues of Kim and his parents so that they can ``protect'' them in a special room, the guidelines say.

    The Kim family has ruled North Korea for more than a half century, creating a powerful personality cult. Portraits of Kim and his father hang side-by-side on the walls of every house.
    Such lovely people. By beating the war drums at home, they are sending a message to the US and South Korea, much less all of East Asia, that they are not to be forgotten. They will continue to blackmail us until the very end. Once again, Clinton/Carter diplomacy at its finest.

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