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  • Monday, February 21, 2005

    Israeli Saber Rattling?

    Israel Air Force Commander-in-Chief Major General Eliezer Shakedi said Monday that Israel must be prepared for an air strike on Iran in light of its nuclear activity.

    But in a meeting with reporters, Shakedi wouldn't say whether he thought Israel was capable of carrying out such a mission alone, as it did when it bombed an unfinished Iraqi nuclear reactor near Baghdad in 1981.
    This sounds to me like effort to put some pressure on Iran, perhaps to make them more cautious about supporting Syria. Perhaps it is simply a counter to Iran's vow to work/ally with Syria. Or it could simply be a sign of concern about Iran's nuclear capacity. Either way, I don't expect the Israeli's to advertise their plans beforehand. The first sign of an Israeli decision in this regard is when we see the news reports about air raid sirens in Iran.

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