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  • Tuesday, February 01, 2005

    Salient Point

    Many of the Iraqi bloggers have posted their reactions to the recent elections, and they are all worth a read. However, something in a post by Firas in the blog Iraq and Iraqi's caught my eye:
    Many things happened today for, example:
    A suicidal terrorist exploded himself while a policeman was searching him before letting him in a voting center.
    An old exited man died by a heart attack after voting.
    Many terrorists were caught from many countries a Syrian, Sudani, and even a Chechanyan.
    For the first time after April 2003 we could see Iraqi army tanks and armored division in the streets.
    Abdul Ameer an Iraqi solder died alone holding a trapped terrorist who was trying to explode a voting center.
    I was not aware that Iraqi army units had been equiped with tanks, and much less that it had armored units more specifically. This is good news, as Iraqi armored units not only help the Iraqi army fight the terrorists more effectively, its a morale booster as well. Having tanks, your own tanks, to call upon when the need arises provides a lot of comfort, and some pride as well. I wish that he had included the types of tank they were using, but I suspect they are older US M-48s and M-60s.

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