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  • Wednesday, April 27, 2005

    Belarus in the Spotlight

    JP at Americans for Freedom has a small linkfest for Belarus up. You can find it here.

    I think that Belarus needs to be one of our major policy focus areas for the rest of the decade, as it is a prime spot for "regime change." The current corrupt President Lukashenko heads an authoritarian state which is, in my view, vulnerable. The effects of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine are visible to many in Belarus, and a concentrated effort there to support democrats (small d) can have an effect. Belarus has many strategic advantages that it offers as well if "turned". Its next to Russia, and frankly Putin is currently creating a single party democracy, aka dictatorship, at the moment. A democratic revolution in Belarus would put even more pressure on Putin, and help spur democracy activists in Russia. This is of course good for the US, as Russia (or at least Putin) is still locked into a Cold War, America is the Enemy mindset. America has enough problems to worry about for the 21st century, including an emerging, nationalistic, authoritarian China. Removing Russia as a foe would relieve a lot of pressure on the US, and would also deprive China of a possible ally in the event of a major war with the US. The Russian Revolution is waiting to be completed, and Belarus is the next step on that journey.

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