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  • Wednesday, June 01, 2005

    The Greater Threat

    I don't have much time, so I will say what I can.

    The threat we face now is much greater than I have previously imagined. Indeed, I suspect it to be far greater than what most people can imagine. What I have seen as completely disconnected events, crises and incidents are in fact systematic of a greater problem. We are entering a new era, one in which I see (and call) the internationalization of the local. Globalization has brought us together, too close in fact, it has joined us before we are ready, and so this century will be, like the one before, one of conflict. Petty local concerns become global problems when you factor in issues like Weapons of Mass Destruction and International Terrorism. I do not yet fully comprehend just how vast this threat is, hopefully when I do I will be able to find words to describe it.

    Update: Thanks for the comments. I should be able to clarify my statements within the next few days.

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