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  • Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    More on Miers

    It should be noted that perhaps the biggest issue concerning the Miers nomination is the rift that has appeared between members of the GOP. While there have been disagreements in the past, especially over financial issues (which shouldn't be downplayed), this is an area where there should be no disagreement in the GOP. Rather, the opposition should come from the Democrats in the Senate. The fact that the GOP is arguing over the issue is indicative of several things:

    1) The unity of the GOP has been weakening for several years, with the rising deficit perhaps the single biggest cause. Small government conservatives have become increasingly alienated.

    2) The White House apparently thought that the GOP would support whoever it nominated without question, and so devoted itself to nominating a candidate the Dems couldn't oppose effectively. This seems to me to be a major lapse of communication here, indicating the those responsible for the nomination didn't check with major GOP figures, and that they don't fully realize the growing rift within the GOP.

    3) Like with the Democrats, the GOP primaries in 2008 will be significant. They will be over the heart and soul of the Republican Party. I don't think we will see a front runner like Bush was in 2000. What I do expect is at least 3 major candidates, maybe four, for the nomination. The biggest issues will probably be the federal budget and the war on terror. I think that the former, rather than the latter, will be the more divisive. Expect the small government conservatives to put up quite a fight.

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