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  • Monday, November 14, 2005

    Just a Thought...

    I came to thinking recently on who is treated best in history. I have no idea how I came think of it, only that I did. And the answer I came to got me thinking of much more.

    How could history treat you well? What could be done to let generations to come know who you were, and that you were important? And who is treated best? The answer was simple to me: Alexander the Great. Think on it. Alexander the Great. Not just Alexander, not Alexander the pretty good, but Alexander the Great. Is that not the kind of historical legacy that anyone would seek? What higher title could possibly be bestowed upon you than being known as the Great. Perhaps the Magnificent, but that seems over the top somehow. So really, if there is anyone who is treated best by history, its Alexander the Great. Sure, they might question some of his choices and his lifestyle later, but he is always going to be Alexander the Great. Nothing can take away from him save the end of history.

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