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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    The "C" Word

    Courtesy of Colt over at WindsofChange, here is an article from Israeli Insider. It examines the faults and cracks exposed by Israel's campaign against Hizb'allah. While the whole thing is worth reading, here is perhaps the most important part:
    Some senior officers have been mentioning the C-word in private conversations. They have been saying that a coup d'etat might be the only way to prevent an outcome in Lebanon that could embolden the Arab world to join forces with Syria and Iran in an all out assault on Israel, given the fact that such a development would be spurred entirely by the Arab and Moslem world's perception of Israel's leadership as weak, craven and vacillating, and therefore ripe for intimidation.

    Israel, like most Western nations, has long adhered to the concept of civilian control of the military. If members of the Israeli military are actually talking about overthrowing the government, then I imagine that things are probably worse than they seem. All of this comes out from a post by Trent Telenko, which discuses the IDF's status as a "hollow military." The comments are worth reading, because its seems that a lot of the problems are the result of incompetence and corruption inside the ranks of Israel's elites, a corruption that crosses all party lines. This has been apparent for a while now, and is perhaps one reason why Yoni is attempting to create a new Israeli political party.

    Its clear that there are some serious problems with the IDF at the moment, and Israel needs to address them, and quickly. Hopefully the fact that this conflict came about when it did, and not later, gives Israel the time it needs to fix its military before Iran goes nuclear.

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