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  • Thursday, April 29, 2004

    Excellent News from the Middle East...

    The US funded Alhurra TV channel has made a strong showing for itself in its first few months, according to an article from Reuters.

    The telephone survey of 3,588 people aged 15 or older in 13 cities was done by the French research company Ipsos-Stat in early April for the the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the independent federal agency that oversees all U.S. international nonmilitary broadcasting.

    The results showed Alhurra -- in its first two months -- is being watched by an average 29 percent of the satellite-equipped households in seven countries, including a high of 44 percent in Kuwait and a low of 18 percent in Egypt.

    The survey also found that an average 53 percent of the viewers consider the channel programming to be reliable or somewhat reliable. This includes a high of 70 percent reliability felt by Saudis and a low of 37 percent reliability among Syrians.

    The high numbers from Saudi Arabia are possibly a good measure of what the Saudi people really think about their leaders and also might be connected to the fatwa issued against it. Sometimes being illegal makes something far more alluring than normal. Hopefully this is merely the beginning of a progressive trend, and Alhurra forces other Arab media sources to be more truthful.

    Hat Tip: LGF

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