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  • Wednesday, April 28, 2004

    Lid about to be opened on the UNSCAM case?

    Tim Balir links to an article in the NY Post concerning the corruption involving the UN "Oil for Food" Program.


    WASHINGTON - A former manager in the scandal-scarred oil for food program will tell Congress today how top U.N. officials running the program deliberately looked the other way, congressional officials said last night.

    Frenchman Michael Soussan, a former program coordinator for the $100 billion fund, is expected to be the star witness of a House International Relations Committee hearing looking into Saddam's gigantic $10.1 billion rip-off.

    Committee sources said Soussan, now a New York-area writer, is expected to give the first, under oath, public account from an insider about how top U.N. officials were aware of Saddam's oil smuggling and kickback schemes but chose to let him get away with it.

    Allegations surfaced in a Baghdad newspaper earlier this year that Benon Sevan, the director of the program, was among 270 sympathetic international political and financial figures who received sweetheart oil deals from Saddam. Niles Lathem

    This could possibly spell the end of the UN as a serious institution, at least in the eyes of the American People. Many in the UN not mentioned might have been involved as well. Definitely something to keep your eye on. This bribery is apparently quite common in the UN, and goes quite deep. It has only just begun.

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