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  • Sunday, May 16, 2004

    A Comment Worth Noting

    From Iraq at a Glance , here is a comment worth posting:

    There is an argument among certain anti-war activists in the west that, due to history and culture, Arabs are not able to become democratic modern societies. Therefore, we should immediately pull out of Iraq and stop trying to create a democratic state.

    These proposals involve either dividing Iraq into three parts, or identifying a suitably pliable strongman and turning power over to him.

    I believe these anti-war positions to be a fundamentally racist. Liberty and justice in a democratic society are the right of everyone in the world, regardless of geography, history, religion or ethnicity. If we give up on this goal, if we say that human rights are only for those people like us, then we will truly become the fascist imperialists that we are accused of being.

    Liberty, equality and brotherhood are right of every man, woman and child. We can never give up trying to help make a free and peaceful world, or we lose the right to call ourselves civilized.

    by Zayphar, who has a blog, One of Ours .

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