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  • Sunday, July 11, 2004

    Lots to cover...

    and little time to do it. I have been extremely busy since getting back, and thus have had no time for blogging. I will try and address some of the major topics as quick as I can.

    Edwards: A sound choice, and I believe one I predicted a while back. I suppose I will have to read over some of the blogs I frequent in the archives to see if my memory is correct. Edwards did the least damage to the Dem ticket, which is probably the best you can hope for in a VP candidate. However, it says a lot about the Democratic party that it can produce a single qualified minority candidate for the position. They would have done best to choose either a woman or a minority, instead of two rich white guys(no different than the GOP, unless of course Cheney chooses not to run). Speaking of Cheney, if I were Bush I would drop him and replace him with Gulianni. No real new negatives, and a fair number of positives. Some of the other good choices, such as Condi or Watts, wouldn't run.

    Transfer of Sovereignty: early, much as a expected. Nothing really critical there yet. The big test will be another Fallujah or if Sadr causes more trouble. Will Iraqi troops fight under an Iraqi government? Or will they fight Iraqis, period? The threat of clan retaliation is quite ever-present. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if early elections were held. Perhaps in October?

    Israel: Nothing really new, save an attack in Tel Aviv. The real test will be when the wall is nearly finished. Expect no stops to be pulled in order to prevent its completion.

    I can't think of anything else at the moment, so until next time people.

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