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  • Thursday, October 14, 2004

    Election Fraud

    Well, I am sure that everyone has heard about Drudge's report on the Democrats preparing to allege voter intimidation where non exists. We have known for a while now that the Democrats will commit voter fraud, and there have been rumors that the GOP might have done this as well. However, if those rumors are true the instances of this seem to be far less commonplace. And as far as we know, the GOP has no plans to commit the kind of voter intimidation and media stunts as the Democrats. Or do they? Will the GOP leave the dirty tricks to the Dems, or will they see turnabout as fair play? Will Rove try and prevent such actions, in order to stake the moral highground? Or will he determine that said highground can never be attained, and do his best to blunt Democratic efforts to turn the election? I am uncertain of this. A lot of its depends on the President, and something tells me he would rather take the moral option. I suspect that this election, unless it is a blowout, will indeed head to the courts to be settled, again. And if Bush wins, well, the consequences will need to be outlined in another post.

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