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  • Thursday, November 18, 2004


    Somehow I missed somewhere noting that the second (or 3rd, depending on who you ask) most powerful position in the executive branch will soon be occupied by a black women. That notion would have been a joke fifty years ago, just like man setting foot on the moon. Yet somehow, it is really not much of a story at all. Instead we hear about how US Marines are committing war crimes and about the opening of the Clinton Library. This is a monumental achievement for Americans of African descent, and it gets NO media attention. No specials on the progess of black's in America, or even on race relations. Could this be that it was a Republican President who decided to appoint a black women to the role of Secretary of State? Or because that women wasn't the media' prefered notion of how a black women should be? Who am I kidding, its both. This amazing success story is yet another example of media bias, and the invectives directed against Condaleeza Rice show how racism is ok, as long as it is directed against Republicans. This is the perfect argument against progress: one step forward, another step backward. Shame on them all.

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