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  • Friday, December 03, 2004

    Breaking News: Pottle Calls Kettle Black!

    Putin is now deriding the US as being 'dictatorial', according this Yahoo news report, courtesy of Drudge. The sheer irony of this unbelievable, and I can't help but wonder if there has been a translation error. Putin is either playing to fears of the Russian electorate, or he is really full of himself. As I and many others have documented these past days, it is Russia acting dictatorial, especially with regards to Russia's imperial agenda with regard to the Ukraine.
    "Even if dictatorship is packaged in beautiful pseudo-democratic phraseology, it will not be able to solve systemic problems," Putin said. "It may even make them worse."
    Putin is describing Russia perfectly. I was, in the past unsure about Putin's intentions. I wondered if he might be a patriot or not, and gave him the benefit of the doubt. I was very, very wrong. Putin may see himself as the next Tsar of Russia, and is certainly intent on rebuilding the Russia empire, through any means necessary. I suspect that his successor will either be a puppet of Putin, or someone very close to Putin who shares his goals. Either way, democracy in Russia is not in good shape.

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