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  • Monday, December 13, 2004

    The Eastern Net Draws Tighter

    Russia and China plan to hold joint War Games, as reported by the AP. The significance of this is easy to overlook. Both nations have long been business partners, but this is a big step. Despite their sales, there has always been a tension between the two, a leftover of the Cold War. Also, there is the fact that China has passed Russia in terms of raw military power. However, as we can see, Eastern Autocracy will unite against Western Democracy. The leadership of both nations fear liberalism, and will cooperate to oppose it. Both China and Russia are run by Oligarchs, and both set of elites would like very much to maintain their power and prestige. So despite unease, they will work together if it fits their long term interest. However, like all alliances of convience, its end need not be far from sight.

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