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  • Friday, December 10, 2004


    I am one of many who believe that Hillary Clinton will run in 2008 for the Democratic candidate for President. Everything I know about her tells me that she will run. However, she will have a hard time winning in '08 in the general election due to her high negatives. So I expect her to use the next few years to work on improving her general image. One of the things that I think will be the corner-stone of her strategy is to aim for the military and veteran vote. She knows she is especially weak there, and will do all it takes to correct that. This story, courtesy of Drudge, makes me think she has already started. She is going to try and help as many New York veterans and active duty military personnel as possible in the next few years. That way, when it comes time for the election, she will have evidence to back up her assertion that she is indeed pro-military and pro-veteran. Other steps she will no doubt take, but more time I will need to ponder on them.

    Edit: Hmmnn, watching Star Wars does indeed appear to affect my blogging...

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