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  • Sunday, December 05, 2004

    Ukraine Update

    A number of important developments in the Ukraine in the last few days.

    1) A new run-off election is set for December 26th, thanks to a Supreme Court Ruling (Incidentally, I suspect the Ukranian Supreme Court has gained a fair amount of power and prestige from this, a wise move for the Judges)

    2) President Kuchma has vetoed some legislation to clean up election fraud, namely eliminating absentee ballots.

    3) There is talk of reforming the political system, namely transferring a lot of power from the President to the Parliament. This I think is a bad idea, as Parliamentary governments are unstable, and having the Prime Minister be dominant leaves open the possibility of instability in times when that can be catastrophic. Israel is a good example. It needs to have a Presidential system, as the current Parliamentary one is not capable of dealing with the changing political tides in Israel. Coalitions are too unstable, and the necessity of buying votes for backing can lead to massive splintering down the line.

    As usual, Maidan and Le Sabot Post-Moderne have good coverage of the situation in the Ukraine.

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