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  • Friday, January 21, 2005

    America the Bodyguard

    Jimmie over at Blue State Conservatives has a post up explaining the US role in Iraq, which he likens to a Bodyguard:

    Right now in Iraq, we're playing a role that's different from what a lot of folks think we are. We're not there to "hold up" the Iraqi government, or even to make the Iraqis get a government set up. It's quite clear from the bulk of Iraq that they want a democratic government and are setting it up just as fast as they can.

    Our role in Iraq right now is that of bodyguard.

    Iraqis want democracy, but they don't know quite yet how to make it happen. We can give them guidance and even tell them how to make it start, but they have to be the ones to get it running. There's no other way to do it and have it last more than the lifespan of the average fruitfly. Until it takes hold, though, the country is vulnerable. Lots of people want to see the Iraqis fail, both inside and outside the country. So they're throwing everything but the kitchen sink at themto make sure democracy doesn't start with the elections in a couple weeks.

    The rest is worth reading, so go check it out.

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