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  • Sunday, January 16, 2005

    Just When I Began to Feel it was Safe to Fly Again...

    ...news comes that I may have been pre-mature in my thoughts. Via the Corner, here is a story by Michele Malkin:

    It's hard to imagine, in a post-9/11 world, that terrorists would attempt another attack with box cutters. Also, Dr. Bob's patient did not disclose specifics--airport, airline, destination, etc.--that would facilitate confirmation. If anyone can provide more information, drop me a line.

    Whether or not the story is true, it highlights at least two important policy questions:

    1. What kind of security measures are being undertaken with regard to clean-up crews and other ground personnel with access to airplanes?

    2. Why does FAMS director Tom Quinn continue to enforce idiotic pre-boarding policies that expose marshals' identities to observant passengers?

    Be sure to check the rest out to understand what this was about. As for me, I am deeply worried. Upon discovering those razor blades, the crew responsible for servicing the plane should have been immediately detained, and questioned. Detailed background checks should have been undergone, and when those 5 passengers didn't come back, an immediate arrest warrant should have been issued for them. The only acceptable reason for them not to be arrested right away is if the FBI was shadowing them in order to grab other members of the cell, or if this was a test case and they were Federal employees.

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