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  • Friday, January 14, 2005

    Getting Serious

    Sharon has order Israel to suspend all contact with the PA government until Abbas gets serious about fighting terror, reports the Jerusalem Post:

    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has ordered all contact cut with newly elected Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas until Abbas reins in terrorists, a Sharon spokesman said Friday.

    The report comes following a deadly attack Thursday night at the Karni terminal crossing in the Gaza Strip, in which six Israelis were killed and five civilians wounded.

    In response, Israel has announced that it will not negotiate with the PA until the attack is investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice.

    We have heard this before, but under Arafat, not Abbas. I doubt things will turn out any differently, but that is probably not what Sharon wants. Most likely the plan is to show Abbas to be an ineffective leader, thereby allowing Israel to disregard him. Will it work? Probably not. Abbas is too weak right now to go after the terror groups, and even if he had the strength, doesn't have the will. I can't believe it, but things appear to be no different than they were under Arafat.

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