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  • Monday, January 10, 2005

    The CBS Report Finally Sees the Light of Day

    I suspect everyone has already seen it by now, but I would like to add a few comments about it. First, check out this post over at Discarded Lies, where Charles is currently until LGF is up and running again.

    CBS realized that it couldn't do a slap on the wrist. Not this time. Too much pressure existed on them for that. So they sacrificed several lower executives to sate the blogosphere. Mapes, of course, was history, I suspect that they wanted her gone no matter what. But the other three executives "fired" were probably told it was a "necessary evil." I suspect that they managed to take with them some generous compensation packages before they left. Of course they cover up any issue of bias, and instead use the canard of "rush to print" as the excuse for the problems. Also, the never definitively address the issue of whether or not the documents were fake, just that they rushed them, without proper verification. Without admitting full error, they can avoid talking about why someone like Dan Rather would push fake documents as real ones. This would, of necessity, require them to address Rather's biases, and the biases of CBS news as a whole. Hence they avoided that like the plague. Those are my thoughts for now, perhaps more later.

    Update: Powerline finally comments on the report.

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