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  • Sunday, January 09, 2005

    Senator Boxer the Cheerleader

    I am sure any who reads History's End (all 7 of you) have heard by now of Senator Boxer's stunt a few days ago where she challenged Ohio's electoral college votes for Bush in a joint session in Congress. I recently became involved in a debate over in the comments section of Lucas Sayre's blog, Daily Contentions. The post dealt with, among other things, Senator Boxer's actions. My comment was this:
    What Boxer did was simply throw some red meat to the wolves, and keep Leftist partisans happy and active for a while. The Democrats realize that a depression has sunk in, and they will need to counter it by '06
    You see, the Democrats are having a problem. A lot of people were depressed over the results of the 2004 election, and this time they couldn't claim the election was stolen, no matter how much they tried. This depression was called by some PEST, or Post Election Stress Trauma, and in some cases people actually consulted pyschologists for help. Believe me, this has sunk in with the Democratic leadership. They realize that depression could really hurt their chances for a change in Congress in the '06 elections. A depressed base is a non-active base, and they need that base to be active in order to win the mid-terms. So the Democrats decide to fan the flames somewhat, and generate some controversy over the results in order to try and motivate democratic core supporters. Expect the Democrats to do similar stunts every couple of months up until the election in '06, in order to keep the base alive. If they should lose in '06, which I would qualify as no real change in either house, or a serious gang in many states, then they will be in real trouble in '08. The Democrats know how important '08 is, and must be intensely worrying about its outcome. Keeping the base alive is essential for a turnaround. But this all begs a question, how many more elections can the Democrat's afford to lose?

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