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  • Saturday, January 08, 2005

    Blogs that I Read, Part II

    In the second part of this series, I will detail another blog which I frequently read, The Belmont Club. Its creator and author, Wretchard the Cat, has become one of the great minds of the blogosphere. I started reading the Belmont Club a month or two after its inception, learning about it from Tim Blair. I haven't stopped reading since. Wretchard's wit and knowledge are deeper than pretty much anyone else in the blogosphere, and it shows in his work, which is always top notch. He manages to integrate humanism, irony and a keen eye for analysis into a seamless work of art. With Steven Den Beste's retirement from blogging, Wretchard has taken his place as one of the four horsemen of the ablogalypse. There are many other things that I can say about the Belmont Club, but I think that I would be beating a dead horse. Trust me on this, if you aren't already a Wretchard reader, become one.

    What I consider to be his most important post to date, check here.

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