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  • Thursday, January 06, 2005

    Blogs that I Read, Part I

    I have decided to do a daily series, which will everyday give a blog that I read daily, why I read it, and why you should too. I These aren't all the blogs I read, but a good sampling of the ones I pay more attention to. Some of them are well known, while others are lesser known bloggers who still produce quality work.

    The first blog that I will profile in BTIR, is Charles Johnson's Little Green Footballs. LGF is on my "must read" list of blogs, as in blogs I will always read at least once a day, if at all possible. In fact I often check up on LGF several times a day, to see if Charles has posted anything new. Why do I read the site religiously? Because there is no better blog around when it comes to info on the War on Terror. The Command Post is the only real competition in that regard. Every day he seems to have over a half dozen posts, and many days he exceeds a dozen. Almost all of them are important, and many can be found only there. He has accumulated a large number of link contributors, helping to ensure that he is the King of the Linkers, when it comes to the W0T at least.

    I have read LGF ever since late 2002, and wish that I had found it sooner. Charles's blog has a fascinating history, and his story in many ways mirrors those of others who were Gore supporters in 2000 who have, for a while at least, changed their support. Like many, he was greatly moved by the events of 9/11, and his blog is a reflection on how that event changed the lives of many. I never really got into the comments section at LGF, though for a while I was an occasional participant. However, that was mostly in late 2003, and early 2004. Recently the comments have become the grounds for a new type of commenter, unfamiliar with the LGF of the past. I used to enjoy the comment section, but for many months it has gotten worse and worse, attracting racists, head nodders and generic Bush supporters/Liberal bashers who really add nothing to the comments. Many of the old timers, the original LGF commentators, have either left or stopped participating as much, which has greatly saddened me. It was a great group for a while. Hopefully things will improve over time, though I am not entirely hopeful of this.

    Despite any recent problems with its comments, LGF is a still a great blog, and a must read for me. I am sure most History's End readers knew that, but it never hurts to reiterate greatness.

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