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  • Tuesday, January 11, 2005

    Oh My, Debka at it Again

    Now Debka is reporting that:
    DEBKAfile’s Military and US sources reveal: Bush has ordered US Iraq commander Gen. Casey to prepare February attack on Syria. Assad sends Syria’s chief of staff Gen. Habib to establish command post on Iraqi border. Israel braces for Hizballah backlash.

    For the record I find this to be nonsense. I don't see the US going after Syria in a big way. Rather, I expect possible use of Special Forces against terrorist camps across the border. Although, it should be noted, I did predict earlier that any US actions against Iran would come after the US election, and probably after an early Iraqi election as well. Time will tell.

    Edit: I spoke too soon, I guess. More info to be found here. I will analyze later when I have more time.

    Update: Welcome Discarded Lies visitors! To clarify some of my earlier thoughts:

    I think that this information was meant as a final warning to Syria. The US has had enough when it comes to Syrian support for Iraqi terrorists, and has sent this message as a warning to Syria that enough is enough. I think that Bush wants to make it clear that the next warning we send to Syria will involve us telling them to duck and cover. With the election over I suspected that the US would turn its eye on Iran, and prevent the Mullahs from going nuclear. However, I now think that with the recent revelations about Iran's nuclear program, the US has more time than I thought. I figured we only had until the summer at best. Now it appears we have 2 years or so. This means the US can deal with Syria first, and help stabilize Iraq some more before finally dealing with the Mullahs.

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