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  • Saturday, January 22, 2005

    The Information Age and The Insurgency

    The Core is currently engrossed with what I have long deemed to be the "Information Age", because Information Technology has advanced at a rapid pace for the last twenty or so years. The last big jump of this magnitude came about with the invention of the Telegraph. That was the first time in history when humanity had the ability to communicate nearly instantaneously with each other at distances greater than line of sight. That caused a considerable revolution in communications, the third, the first coming about with the invention of writing, and the second arising from movable type. If TV was the fourth revolution, than we are in the fifth, the most profound of all. Communication has never been easier, and breakthroughs are non-stop. The Internet was only the beginning. Everything, and I mean everything, has and will change because of this revolution. We are only just beginning to understand the consequences of what we have unleashed. It will take decades more before we start to truly understand them.

    Nearly all human endeavors have been affected by this Information Revolution, and warfare is no exception. Indeed, it has perhaps changed the most of all, and was in part responsible for the Information Age itself. The nature of insurgencies has also changed because of this, and while they have benefited from it, they now also lose power because of it. Jack of TigerHawk explains.

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