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  • Monday, February 14, 2005

    A Guide Book to Iraqi Politics

    I suspect that, in an ironic twist of fate, Iraq and Israel will have similar political currents, and that each will have more in share politically than other neighbors in the ME, or even Europe.

    One of the ways in which I see this happening is in the political spectrum in Iraq. I believe that it will become a 3-axis spectrum, as compared to the 2-axis spectrum in the US, for example. In the US, there are two main separate spectrums, the social political spectrum, and the fiscal political spectrum. In Iraq, I think that the fiscal one will be roughly the same, but then the differences will kick in. The new spectrum will be the religious/secular spectrum. It will differentiate parties which are openly religious, and those which choose to be openly secular. The social spectrum will likely be there as well, with the religious spectrum usually determining it. However, its possible you could have a secular party which is also conservative socially. This could come from it being a multi-religion party, or one which tends towards anti-clericism, although it supports existing cultural/religious social views. I will try and elaborate further.

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