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  • Tuesday, February 22, 2005

    Link Dump

    I am rather busy right now, so all I can offer you are some links to things you might find interesting.

    1) Discarded Lies is full of good information right now, including a bit on China pressuring North Korea on its nuclear weapons.

    2) Andrew Cory argues that Hillary Clinton won't run for President in 2008, or at least, that is what the tagline says. Rather, he argues that she can't win, which I guess means she won't run, assuming she knows as much.

    3) Gerard Vanderleun suggests sending your kids to trucking school rather than college. No, really!

    4) Austin Bay informs us that one of America's favorite dictators now has a blog.

    5) Kevin at Wizbang! has a good post rounding up a lot of the info on the would be presidential-assassin.

    6) Courtesy of Chester, here is a blog called Across the Bay, which has a lot of good information on events going on inside Syria at the moment.

    7) Jheka helps show us the true colors of the Left.

    8) Dan Darling, over at Winds of Change instead of his own blog, presents some startling information.

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