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  • Monday, March 07, 2005

    Bad News from Lebanon?

    Debka(POSN) has reports that don't look good:

    Following phony “redeployment” in Beqaa Valley, Syria and its proxy Hizballah prepare to lord over one of biggest rallies Beirut has ever seen Tuesday.

    Armed terrorist columns will march cheered by tens of thousands of Shiite supporters.

    DEBKAfile reports: Lebanese opposition is fading. But Bush and Chirac agreed to keep up pressure on Assad despite loss of people power momentum. Our Gulf sources report opposition leader Walid Jumblatt gone to Gulf emirates, told his Druses followers to keep their heads down.

    Same message to Sunni following from Hariri's son and daughter Baha and Bahiya who have run for cover from Syrian death threats. Last pro-active opposition Christian Maronites will be engulfed by sheer pro-Syria masses.

    Once again, Debka is at best erratic. But this, if true, is chilling. Hopefully the people of Lebanon show more backbone than their leaders and stand up to the Sryians and all of their friends in crime.

    Update: Debka appears to have been right on this one.

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