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  • Thursday, March 10, 2005

    Hillary Running in '08

    Here she is in the NY Times directing attention to violence and sex aimed at kids in the Entertainment industry. If that isn't trying to boost her creds with "soccer moms", I don't know what is.

    WASHINGTON, March 9 - Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday sharply criticized the sex and violence in video games and other entertainment directed at children, calling the prevalence of such images an epidemic.

    Mrs. Clinton, a Democrat from New York, also called on industry leaders to create a uniform ratings system that would warn parents about sex and violence in video games, television and other forms of entertainment that children might be exposed to. By contrast, parents now look to a patchwork of ratings systems that differ from one sector of the industry to another.

    At a forum held by the Kaiser Family Foundation, Mrs. Clinton cited studies indicating that children who are exposed to graphic images of violence display more aggressive behavior.

    She is running, and laying the ground work of this even as we speak. Such views are actually somewhat hurtful on the left, as a general rule, so I assume she is aiming for moderates.

    On a sidenote, her picture there indicates she hasn't aged as well as could be. So I also wouldn't be surprised if she had some work done to, at the very least, remove some wrinkles.

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