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  • Tuesday, March 08, 2005


    Debka once again. Since they were correct just before, the credibility of this piece can't be dismissed out of hand.

    A small excerpt:
    DEBKAfile reports exclusively: Nasrallah has booked mass anti-US rallies in Tripoli next Friday, Sidon next week and pro-American Maronite Christian Zakhla March 18.
    This bodes ill for the future. We could be looking at the Iranian and Syrian counter-revolution in action. Whether they can stop further dominoes from falling remains to be seen, but this could indicate that the latest phase of the WoT will not be as non-violent as some hoped. Both Syria and Iran realize they must nip this in the bud, before it becomes too massive to be stopped. The very survival of the Assad regime and of the Mullahs in Iran is in question. Nothing is too radical or too much to assure their continued existence, at least from their perspective. Both have tried to squash the spread of democracy in Iraq, the spread of people power, before it escaped into the greater Middle East. They failed in that, and I have hope and confidence that they will fail now that the seeds of freedom have been sown far across the region.

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