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  • Wednesday, March 02, 2005

    "She Only Had Herself to Blame"

    Discarded Lies brings us a tale of misogyny and terror in Germany.

    It only became big news when a group of 14-year-old Turkish boys mocked Hatin during a class discussion at a school near the crime scene. One boy said, "She only had herself to blame," while another insisted, "She deserved what she got. The whore lived like a German." The enraged school director not only sent a letter home to parents, but also to teachers across Germany. The letter ignited a media fury. Less known, however, is that the letter also hit a nerve among educators. "Teachers from across the country wrote back saying they had had similar experiences," Boehmecke said. They reported Turkish boys taunting Turkish girls who don't wear headscarves as "German sluts."
    This is only going to get worse. I stated this in the comments there:
    If that doesn't wake up the German people, I frankly don't know what will. When they kill a German woman for it?
    I was perhaps too quick in that. However, I think that Germany needs to be quick, otherwise it will be too late. If more murders like this occur, then women from Islamic families will become too scared to break away from the Dark Age practices of their families. Hopefully the German people will stand up to this barbarism. Alas, I am not keeping my hopes up.

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