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  • Tuesday, April 19, 2005

    Argh! I be the President Matey

    North Carolina State has elected someone class President who also happens to have assumed the persona of a Pirate Captain.

    "We're quickly goin' to bae getting our plank started, get the simple things out of the way," The Pirate Captain (search), real name Whil (or maybe "Will") Piavis, a junior, told supporters after election results were unveiled Wednesday night.

    The blond-maned Piavis, who constantly keeps up the "Aargh! Matey!" persona and wears a beard, eyepatch, white puffy shirt, boots, dangling sword and sometimes even a parrot, reassured fellow students he was serious.

    Cool? Why yes, what about having your class president be a pirate isn't?

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