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  • Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    Israel Won't Attack Iran

    At least, that is what the Jerusalem Post says. But I am having trouble finding out exactly where in the article it says that. I suppose this part could be it:
    Sharon said during the visit that there is "close coordination" with the US on the Iranian nuclear issue, and that "Israel is not taking the lead in this campaign."

    Still, that isn't much, and I wonder if something has been left out, or the statement has been made for dramatic effect. However, if this is true, it doesn't surprise me. Iran is so far away that it take a major effort by Israel to do what needs to be done to shut down Iran's nuclear program. The cost, both military and political, would be high. And there is a high probability that such an effort would fail. Under those circumstances Israel might as well not even try. Besides, the bomb that Iran seeks has more likely uses.

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