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  • Monday, April 11, 2005

    US-South Korean Alliance on the Rocks?

    I have seen some earlier reports indicating trouble for US-South Korea reltations, and this story, courtesy of Watching America, makes me believe that there are in fact some serious problems with the relationship.
    We know now that the U.S. told Korea in May of last year that it would remove its War Reserve Stocks for Allies (WRSA), emergency ordinance stockpiled for use by Korea, and that the government kept this quiet. This is an embarrassing story, suggesting that for over a year, the defense authorities of a country [South Korea] that dedicates such a large percentage of its GDP to defense spending, was unable to find a window for negotiations with an allied nation [the United States].
    The rest can be found here. This is hardly good news, especially for Larry Bond readers.

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