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  • Monday, May 22, 2006

    Conspiracy Theories 101

    Since I shut down my other blog, I haven't payed Debka much mind. However, there are two stories there that I find of interest at the moment.

    The first is this:
    DEBKAfile reports: Bush is expected to offer the mighty BIG-BLU bunker buster bomb to Israel and Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia
    I find this report interesting in that it would seem to indicate that the US is not prepared to actively curtail the Iranian nuclear program itself, at least, not right away. Rather, this seems to indicate a possible effort at containment is underway. By arming US allies in the region, and some who aren't exactly friends either, the US is making it clear that Iran isn't just facing the US and Israel in this matter.

    The second bit was the fact that the Jordanian Ambassador's driver was killed in Gaza. The "given" cause of death was a firefight between Hamas and Fatah. However, I find this interesting:
    The Jordanian citizen was shot dead in an official embassy car marked with royal emblems outside the Palestinian legislature in Gaza.
    The conspiracist in me says this wasn't an accidental shooting from a gang fight gone bad, but rather a coordinated assassination attempt against the Jordanian Ambassador, who was presumed to be in the vehicle. Either the assassins had bad intell, or they "jumped the gun", so to speak. The fight itself between Hamas and Fatah gunmen would have been used as cover. As for who would want the Jordanian Ambassador dead... well, I think Al Qaeda is pretty high up on the list. Perhaps reports of their infiltration of the Gaza strip should be taken seriously.

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