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  • Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Thoughts for the Day...

    I have been busy lately, blogging has suffered naturally. Some thoughts for today:

    Reports that North Korea may be getting ready to test another nuclear weapon indicate two things to me: either their first test was considered a failure and the loss of another bomb in a successful test is considered worthwhile, or perhaps they are testing a bomb of a different type. The first weapon was apparently plutonium based, while the next one might be uranium based.

    It appears that Wesley Snipe's movie career is over. At least in this country. I guess with his career never reaching meteoric heights, he decided to make the most of what little he had... oops.

    Karl Rove seems pretty confident (Hat Tip: Drudge). I wonder if he is merely counting on the Democratic Party's impulse to snatch defeat from the Jaws of Victory, or whether the GOP has its own October surprise ready to smash aside the Foley scandal. At this point, my money is on the former.

    Digital content is going to be a major source of legal contests in the future, with Battlestar Galactica the latest case. Expect the fight between TV and Internet content to pick up. Smart companies should see a major market waiting to be exploited, if they handle their cards right.

    Unlike this scientist, I think that trying to guess what humanity will look like in 1000 years is probably a waste of time. However, if humanity does survive until then, and assuming we haven't experienced another Dark Ages, I do rather expect that cheap bio-sculpting will make it much easier for people to match genetically determined "ideal sexual specifications." One would hope that when everyone can become beautiful, personality will finally become the primary determinant in relationships.

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