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  • Saturday, May 22, 2004

    Progress You Can See

    They have done it at last:

    The Blue Rose

    Scientists and horticulturists have attempted to create a blue rose for years, but have always been thwarted by nature. Now they have succeeded at last. And the most fascinating part is that the scientists who created the process were not even dealing with plants at all:
    "When we moved a liver enzyme into a bacterium, the bacterium turned blue," Dr Guengerich said. "We were aware that there were people in the world who had been interested in making coloured flowers, especially a blue rose, for a number of years.

    "Dr Gillam had the bright idea that we could capitalise on our discovery by moving the gene into plants - and produce a blue rose."

    Not just scientists, but smart and business savy ones at that.

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