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  • Thursday, August 26, 2004

    Najaf Peace Deal

    Its not going to last, that much I can tell you. As for how long, who knows? Perhaps a few weeks to a few months, at best. I have come to the conclusion that Najaf has been turned into Iraq's first live fire training area. New Iraqi troops are being sent there to get 'blooded', in order to boost confidence and gain experience. They are then sent out to other parts of the country to maintain order. Because of their past experience, they will do a superior job then the green troops who would otherwise be stationed there. I suppose US troops could also be using this as a training exercise as well, though it is a bit less important considering superior US training. All this means that in some ways the US and Iraq have a vested intersest in keeping Najaf "open" when it comes to options. However, subterfuge on the part of US and Iraq won't be necessary, as Sadr will no doubt step up to the plate. I sometimes wonder if he is being used by the US and Iraqis as a means to "remove" some of Iraqis more problematic Shia population... though I think it more likely that he is, in fact, that stupid.

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