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  • Tuesday, August 10, 2004

    A Second American Civil War- Revisited

    Rob at Crushing Dissent has found a post on a blog called Passionate America talking about a possible Second American Civil War. He brought up the Story of John Titor, which I had heard of before. It is a fascinating story, for many reasons. Not the least of which is the rather specific dates (in terms of years) mentioned, as well as the specific outcome of a future we can expect. I think that the story is crap, if only because Time Travel that far in the future is not plausible, barring a major physics breakthough sometime soon. What is interesting, as Bill noted, is how it talks about another American civil war, which John desribes as being between the cities and the suburbs/rural areas. In some of my earlier posts I explained how that was going to be the likely split, not necessarily North vs South, but rather city versus not city American. This isn't exact of course, rather, those will be centers of strength for the respective sides.

    The real question is whether or not we are on the path towards a Second American Civil war, and if the answer to that is yes, the second, even more vital question is, can it be avoided? I am not sure about the first question, but I think that the answer to the second is no. I think that once we go down that path it can't be stopped. We are running out of compromises and out of patience. As a Nation, we haven't been so divided since the Great Depression, or possibly even the First Civil War. The reason why the Depression didn't lead to a 2nd Civil War was because the Republicans and those opposed to FDR were willing to surrender, rather than fight against their opponents. I fear that neither side is willing to surrender in this conflict, pacifistic tendencies not withstanding. As many have pointed out, the "Orthodox" have most or all of the guns, and most of the expertise in how to use them. The military is overwhelming not Leftist. So what chance does the Left have of Victory? I see none. At least, when it comes to open war. However, the "Left" can win the "slow game" , in fact, it is winning the slow game. The question is, what could cause it to become a "fast game?" I think that we may be heading on the path I have already described. That path leads to destruction. Of what, I know not. But I fear that Thomas Jefferson may prove right once again:

    The Tree of Liberty shall soon be Watered.

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