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  • Saturday, September 18, 2004

    Tipping Point

    Wretchard of The Belmont Club believes that the “Left” is on its last gasps. He thinks that its self-delusions have lead it to a path which commit it to self-destruction. While I don’t disagree with this, I do disagree with Wretchard’s belief that the Left is no longer “scary”, no longer dangerous or to be worried about. I feel that this is entirely too pre-mature a statement. I believe that the Left is extremely dangerous at this point in time, because a resurgence of power by the Left, if unchecked, could destroy Western Civilization, and perhaps the rest of the world.

    At all steps the Left has hindered the defense of Western Civilization from the Islamist Supremacists who threaten it. Be it opposition to military involvement Afghanistan or Iraq, opposition to security measures at home, or support of the UN over American Sovereignty, the Left has hindered the task of a Freer and Safer world. How many more would be alive today if such hindrance had not existed? How many more would be dead if that opposition was greater? While impossible to answer quantitatively, it is possible to guess at the general effect.

    Ok, I will cut to the chase: At what point does the Left threaten the life of our nation, or our world (The two are really inseparable, you know)? When can the actions of the Left no longer be 'tolerated,' for want of a better word? When do they do too much damage? When does it become treason? This is a question we should probably answer, though I doubt that we will have to worry about it. I think that Wretchard is right in that the Left is going down, and hard. But I think that we have to prepare for the eventuality. Better to prepare for something we will never have to worry about then to be caught flat-footed.

    This is all theoretical at this point. But during the Iraq war protestors stopped traffic in some cities. Worse could be done. At what point do they ‘cross the line’ from protest into treason, and then, what do we do about it?


    A couple of points need to be made. First off, when I say "The Left", I refer to the political movement of the "far left", composed of Leftists, as compared to the political movement of the "left-of-center", composed of Liberals. While they appear similar in their beliefs, they in fact have some major view point differences. Leftists see the US as the source of all troubles in the world, they detest capitalism in all forms, dislike Christianity and Judaism in all but the most liberal forms (and even then they still disapprove) , and embrace a form of post-Communist, neo-marxism as their underlying philosophical belief. Liberals, on the other hand, see the US has a key to fixing the worlds problems, many of which they believe to be the fault of the US. But they believe the US can fix them, while generally Leftists don't. Liberals believe that capitalism has flaws, but not that it should be discareded. Liberals tend to be much more tolerant of Orthodox religious beliefs, though they have inherited an unhealthy dose of bigotry from the far left. And their philosophical basis tends to be inhereited from the old Progressive movement rather than the neo-marxist beliefs of the Leftists.

    Liberals want the US to win the War on Terror. Leftists, as a general rule, don't, though there are some exceptions (who escape me at the moment). "The Left", which as a movement has a philisophical core more extreme that the average beliefs of its members (not everyone is willing to go "all the way") believes that the United States is a greater threat to world peace than Bin Laden and his ilk. They may be few in number, but never discount a determined few. How many die-hard Nazis were there in the beginning? How many die hard Bolsheviks? Even a small amount of people can do a lot of damage.

    Hopefully this election will serve as a wakeup call to the Liberal movement, and serve to give it impetus to sever its relation with the Leftist movement. Its possible a Bush victory, especially a landslide could do it. Although a Kerry victory might do it as well.

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