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  • Wednesday, September 08, 2004

    Are you Scared?

    Wretchard at The Belmont Club has an excellent post up discussing the nature of the Left, and how it seems that there is nothing they can not rationalize. It is an excellent post, and should be read at once, along with the comments, where are excellent as well. I do take exception with Wretchard at one point:
    The Left, having declared itself above the pettiness of all moral belief now finds its emptiness filled by the ugliest and darkest blood-cult on the planet. It was a proud Tower, but its windows are now dark and its rooms filled with old and withered things. Laugh at it. There is nothing left to fear.

    I am most definitely afraid of the Left. The recent massacre in Beslan, Russia, has demonstrated to me that there is nothing that the Left can't rationalize. This includes Genocide. I wouldn't be surprised at all to start hearing soon from some segments of the Left support for the forcible removal of all the Jews in Israel and the territories, even if that means their death. Its only a matter of time now. Belmont Club reader Monty had it right:

    Postmodernism and multi-culturalist relativism are the twin poisons that are rotting the Left from the inside out. It has come to a point that many on the left honestly cannot make moral judgments any more (I suspect that most Leftists would deny that "morality", as such, even exists).

    It's not so much that they believe in nothing. It's that they have made nothingness their polestar. They are only ever against or in opposition to, never in favor of. For this would denote judgement of a kind, and the Left has a horror of judgement.
    The Left is in its death throes, and I fear that in its passing it may very well take this world and everyone on it with it to the Abyss.

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