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  • Friday, October 29, 2004

    Rumors of my Demise...

    ...have been greatly exagerated. Or so it seems, where I to be speaking for him. If Bin Laden is in fact, alive, then it raises a lot of interesting questions. Where has he been? What was he doing? And what are his plans now?

    Edit: I suspect he has been laying low for a while, perhaps because of injury, and now might try to regain the attention of the world . Since I am not well versed in his personality, I leave it to others to try and answer "why now."

    Edit 2: Why did Bin Laden admit to 9/11? He has never done that before, why now? Why period? What does he hope to gain from it. It always used to be a lie of the facists that he wasn't responible, but rather the US and/or Israel. Why blow that away?

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