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  • Sunday, November 21, 2004


    While I have been somewhat occupied as of late, I attempted to work on the post about Biblical Literalism I mentioned earlier. I have realized that the subject is far deeper than my knowledge of theology is at present, so I may need a day or two to read up on some of the more relevant aspects. However, I have made a few personal discoveries as well.

    I had noticed before that many evangelicals tended to be constitutional literalists as well, but assumed it was a matter of political background than anything else. However, in deeper examination, I realized that in many cases the religious beliefs of Evangelicals influence strongly their political beliefs. Because they are Biblical literalists, Evangelicals tend to look towards not only the Bible, but most documents, literally. Hence they tend towards strict interpretationsim when it comes to the Constitution. The adherence of most Evangelicals to the GOP isn't because of the fact they are ignorant, racists, sexist, or anti-intellectual (although there is a strain of that in some Evangelical thought). Rather, they naturally gravitate towards the party which most represents strict interpretation when it comes to the Constitution. While the Republican Partyisn't 100% on that, it certainly adheres to that far more than the Democratic Party.

    The inverse of the above really isn't the case. Evangelicals, because they are religiously conservative, tend towards political conservatism. But for religious liberals it seems to be the opposite. Their liberal tendencies towards the constitution, as in a loose interpretation, or "living document," philosphy, lead them to join Churches that are loose interpretationist. This has particularly influenced the Episcopelian Church, which I suspect will self-destruct in the next decade or so. Liberals who participate in Christian Churches tend to "imprint" their political beliefs on the church, and make it more liberal.

    More later, and I may do this in several parts.

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