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  • Thursday, December 16, 2004

    Join the Club

    More and more people, people in this case being politicians, are calling for Rumsfeld to go. I wrote about this issue a while ago, and I speculated before that Rumsfeld wouldn't go, as peopel would see it as weakness on the part of Bush. Now that the election has passed, things may change. Bush will want to consider what he gains and what he loses if Rumsfeld leaves. I have explained before why Bush might want to keep him as Secretary of Defense. But why should Rumsfeld go?

    Well, Bush could use it as an opportunity to acquire some favors or get something else out of it. Administration officials could approach McCain with a deal, if Rumsfeld goes then McCain signs off on something they want. A horsetrade, if you will. Rumself could also be used as an admin scapegoat, distracting attention from other matters, like the Kerik boondogle.

    Keep him or fire him? Tough to say, but assuming you want him gone, who replaces him?

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